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DMS concrete products

RJ McLeod

Having been awarded the Design & Build contract for the A77 Symington Bogend Toll Improvements, RJ McLeod (Contractors) Ltd turned to D Marshall & Sons for help. The contract included the construction of two road bridges over the A77 which had the outside of the edge beam cantilevering 1.5m from the outermost beam. The edge beams could be constructed either by in-situ concrete or by precast concrete. To save on lane occupation charges that would be incurred when installing and removing formwork for in-situ concrete it was decided to have the edge beams precast. RJ Mcleod asked D Marshall & Sons Ltd to supply the units.

This was a new challenge and one that D Marshall & Sons relished. Given the cantilever being 1.5m, all existing systems installing precast units could not do the job, as impractical was the design. Casting and installation procedure of the edge beams were developed together with Harsco, RJ McLeod and designers; TGP set about creating a new innovative design, casting and installation process for units of this type. D Marshall & Sons supplied 68No. panels of various types and delivered to site on programme.

Did you know?

Thomas Edison held 49 concrete patents and experimented with precast concrete houses filled with concrete furniture, pianos and refrigerators.